Mobile Training Storage System

The MTS provides a unique solution for coaches and training staff to maximise track and field training sessions with multiple individuals.
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The MTS is fully mobile and is at home in the gym, track or next to the training field.

The MTS gives instructors and sports coaches a much wider scope of training possibilities!,which in turn will deliver better physical performance gains for your squad or team.

Every Raptor MTS is bespoke equipped to the clients requirements!

Key features

  • Tough construction to meet high use wear and tear
  • Fully mobile
  • Can be used in multiple training environments, gym, track, field
  • Can be dismantled for deployment 
  • Stores all equipment safely and effectively
  • Train multiple individuals 
  • Enhance SC programs, TRX group training, Circuits, HIIT, Crosstrain, SAQ, Track and field