TAC-20 Weight Vest

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Size: One size fits all
Colours: Black or MTP/Camo
Max number of weights: 16
Includes Coolmax hygiene liner
2 x D-rings
4 x Loop rings

Flag velcro patches are optional

Thinking of buying a full package with 16 weights? Click here for our full stack package special deal.



Weight bars – optional

Powder coated weight bars for use in the TAC15 and TAC20 weight vests. Each weight bar is 1.20kg.


TAC-20 Spare Coolmax Liner – optional

If you are using your Raptor Weight Vest every day, or perhaps your weight vest has multiple users, then we strongly recommend having a spare Inner Liner for your Raptor Weight Vest.

In stock

Velcro Patches – optional



Key uses


Weight vest


Heavy duty towing harness


Bungee anchor system

Key features

  • Made Strong in the 🇬🇧 and 🇺🇸
  • Optimal physical load carrying system.
  • Max training weight 20kg
  • Safe weight distribution featuring fast in and out system
  • Securely modulated individual weight compartments
  • Anchor system for bungee cords/Vertimax/rubber bands
  • Heavy duty towing harness for sled/prowler
  • Tough construction for extended wear and tear
  • Designed to fit most Men and Women securely but allow maximum mobility and comfort
  • Anti-Bacterial Removable Coolmax liner for washing
  • 6 x strong Anti-Corrosion loop and D-ring anchor points.

Buying in the USA?

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If you are looking to purchase any Raptor/// products in the USA please contact Sorinex Exercise Equipment.

Additional information



Black, Camoflague

Weight bars

Weight bars

4, 8, 12, 16 – £8.80 discount

Velcro Patches

Patch style

Black, Camoflague, Classic, Grey


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