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Raptor for Running & Athletics

Raptor for Running & Athletics

Enhance Your Running Performance with RAPTOR Weight Vest™s

Weight Vest training for AthletesThe RAPTOR Weight Vest™ range includes Weight Vest™s for every athlete – the build quality and comfort mean that athletes of any discipline can reap the benefits of training with a RAPTOR Weight Vest™.

Whether you are a track or field specialist – or an amateur all-round Runner – there is a Weight Vest™ that will suit your training needs. Athletes love the way Raptor Weight Vest™s enhance training regimes; you can become fitter, faster and stronger: get better results in less time.

Athletics coaches can use the Raptor Weight Vest™s to make training more efficient and effective.

Coaches can be certain that their athletes are getting the most from their training time at every stage of competition preparation.

Long Distance Running & Endurance
Running with weights is a long-standing strength training technique. RAPTOR Weight Vest™s are designed to help you reach your performance goals more efficiently. Middle- and long-distance runners are particularly well suited to Weight Vest™ training programmes.

Research indicates that runners’ use of a Weight Vest™ boosts leg-muscle power and speed. The additional weight forces the body to work harder and the increased workload pays dividends almost immediately.

Enhance Your Running Performance with RAPTOR Weight Vest™s

The RAPTOR Weight Vest™ range includes Weight Vest™s for every level of runner – from occasional joggers to club runners, and even international contenders! Running with a Weight Vest will make your training regimes more effective, generating extra strength, better endurance and unleashing new speed.

Raptor for Boxing

Raptor for Boxing

David Haye in RaptorStrength and conditioning training for boxers is critical for generating great performances. RAPTOR Weight Vest™s can be used for boxing specific training drills, boxer speed training and more general fitness exercises. RAPTOR Weight Vest™s help you to magnify how your training works – to become fitter, faster and stronger.

David Haye the hayemakerPerfect Pre-Fight Preparation – Give Yourself the edgeWeight Vest™s can be a key weapon during the build up to a fight. It is an efficient method for calorie burning, weight loss and increasing muscle endurance. The benefits are not limited to professionals – everyone can benefit from increased strength,speed and endurance training in a RAPTOR Weight Vest™.

Top Boxing
Weight Vest™ Uses
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Bag work
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Cross Fit Training
  • Pad work
  • Skipping
  • Running
  • Sprints/Shuttle Runs
  • Plyometrics
  • Weight Resistance
    (RAPTOR Pro/Athlete Weight Vest™ can be used with weight slds, Vertimax, power parachutes and all types of resistance tubes)
Key Benefits of
Weight Vest™ Training
  • Improves Muscular Endurance
  • Faster Calorie Burning
  • Enhances Core Strength
  • Improves Power Output
  • Enhances Aerobic Capacity
  • Unleashes Speed

What the Pro’s say:

david haye with RAPTOR Weight Vest™My team and I have incorporated the Raptor Weight Vest™ into various strength and conditioning evolutions, used especially for bodyweight workouts targeting my lower body. More specifically we use it in the ring connected to a resistance band whilst shadow boxing or working various specific pad techniques.

What ever the exercise or movement the Raptor vest increases the amount of resistance and compression to the bodies core muscles. The extra overload produces great results! Compared to the other Weight Vest I have used in the past, the Raptor Weight Vest™ surpasses them in design, comfort and build quality. Its a serious product for the boxing community!

David Haye, Former 2 x World Heavyweight Boxing Champion  


Raptor for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Raptor for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Enhance your MMA Training with Raptor Weight Vests™

Jimi Manuwa in RaptorWeight training for MMA covers a wide range exercise formats. Raptor offers a variety of weight vests for mixed martial arts training – from lightweight vests ideal for aerobic exercises like running through to heavier vest options where the aim is for greater core strength and explosive power.

Perfect for Pre-Fight Preparation
Weight vests provide an excellent efficient method for calorie burning, weight loss and increasing muscle endurance – helping you get that extra edge over your competitor.

Oli Thompson training with RaptorGreat results for coaches AND fighters
For the coach, MMA strength and conditioning training takes on a whole new level of efficiency through the use of the Raptor vest.

For the MMA fighter, the weight vest magnifies the results from training – helping you to reach new levels of fitness, speed and strength.

RAPTOR for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Raptor for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Raptor Weight Vest™s can play a significant role in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. RAPTOR Weight Vest™s have unique designs with high levels of comfort and easily adjustable weights.

This flexibility means that physiotherapists can use Weight Vest™s with their clients in structured rehabilitation programmes. RAPTOR Weight Vest™s provide additional load and compression to the patient’s core muscles whilst allowing freedom of movement in the limbs.

The RAPTOR Pro Weight Vest™ enables the physio constant contact with the patient via external anchors. The RAPTOR TFS Weight Vests can also be used with cable machines and resistance bands, Vertimax etc.

Kevin lidlow“For functional rehabilitation there is proven value in the use of weighted jackets as they can increase physiological stress into any programme without compromising central key points in the musculoskeletal system. The advantages of increasing the carried load centrally is obvious, however the design and ergonomic features of the RAPTOR Weight Vest™ makes it particularly relevant in both elite sport and in any structured rehabilitation programme.

Kevin Lidlow
BSc MCSP Dip Ortho Med Chartered Physiotherapist, HPC/CQC Reg’d
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Military professionals

Being able to gradually build up the weight of your body armour and treating it like any other fitness programme will only optimise your training and reduce injury. The other advantages of Raptor weight vests are the ability to use them for body weight exercising, sledge drills, forced marching, speed drills and plyometrics.

It is an exceptional high quality piece of equipment that will only enhance operational training and exercise rehabilitation.

Warrant Officer Operational Fitness Equipment (Herrick 15) and Regional Trade Specialist Advisor, Regional Rehabilitation Unit RAF Honington – John Grindrod BSc (Hons).
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Military Veterans – Raptor for PhysiotherapyWhat Military Veterans say:
Since being a double below knee amputee,it’s even more important to have a strong core and good posture as I use one hundred and fifty percent more energy just to walk than a able body person….

Raptor for Rugby

Raptor for Rugby

The RAPTOR Weight Vest™ range offers training solutions for every aspect of rugby training, from the gym to the pitch – not forgetting the physio.

For coaches, RAPTOR Weight Vest™s will make your training regimes more effective: generating extra speed and power from your forwards and unleashing the full potential of the backs.

As a player, RAPTOR Weight Vest™s magnify how your training works, helping you become fitter, faster and stronger. When you need it, your rehabilitation time can be reduced with physiotherapy programmes that include a RAPTOR.

james-haskell-in-raptor“I found the Raptor Weight Vest™ a great bit of extremely well built gym kit.

It has been a great addition to my lower limb rehab sessions and has added a new dimension to my strength sessions. working under load has helped raise my fitness goals.”
James Haskell, England RugbyRead James’ full testimonial here

Top Rugby
Weight Vest™ Uses
  Key Benefits of
Weight Vest™ Training
  • Scrum Conditioning
    (eg. use of vest with webbing/tubing)
  • Rugby Backs Drills
  • Rugby Forwards Drillls
  • Strength Training for rugby
  • Bodyweight Workouts
  • Weight Workouts/Resistance Training
  • Weight Loss
    (ideal for pre-season training)
  • Improves Muscular Endurance
  • Explosive Power Development
  • Strength Improvement
  • Improves Speed & Agility
  • Enhances Aerobic Capacity
  • increases Motor Skills

Allan Ryan of Bath Rugby“We have just introduced RAPTOR Weight Vest™s to our strength and conditioning programme here at the club. Having been involved in Premiership rugby for the last seven years I have seen and tried many different weighted vests and without doubt the RAPTOR Weight Vest™s are the best I have come across.”

Allan Ryan – Head of Performance at BATH Rugby Club – read in full >

Raptor for Obstacle Running

Raptor for Obstacle Running

tough-mudder Tough Mudder Training Mark Holloway Tough Mudder

Training with a RAPTOR Weight Vest is perfect preparation for Obstacle Running and ‘Tough Mudder’ type events. RAPTOR Weight Vest training will increase your strength, agility and Quickness as well as letting you train on any apparatus with unrestricted movement.

Mark Holloway is a British Soldier, on his third tour of Afghanistan he was seriously injured by an IED (improvised explosive device) after 13 month in and out of rehab he was deemed fully fit to return to active service but his injuries have left him with permanent damage to his right arm.

Help for Heroes Tough MudderDuring his time in recovery he took up obstacle course racing and used events like Tough Mudder to raise money for Help for Heroes, after doing two regular Tough Mudder events in the UK he decided to push himself further and entered the Worlds Toughest Mudder (WTM) competition, a 24hr endurance obstacle course race, in the USA. After finishing in the Top 100 out of 1200 competitors, Mark became the Help for Heroes/Tough Mudder ambassador and runs all Tough Mudder UK events 3 times in one day, he also went back to the states to compete in WTM once more and finished 29th of 1200.

Mark trains with Raptor and says “I use the vest on runs to increase my work load, I’ve shaved minutes of my best effort runs after training with the vest. I also incorporate it in my specific Obstacle Course training, the extra weight makes everything harder, but as soon as I take the vest off at the end of my session I feel like I’m Spiderman, and everything is effortless.” – read more….

Raptor for Parkour

Raptor for Parkour

Get Razor Sharp Performace with RAPTOR Weight Vest™s

Sam Parnham
Sam Parnham, Team 3Run &
Hollywood Stuntman

Training for Parkour, or freerunning, is about hard work and dedication. Its about time spent working hard and pushing yourself. That is where RAPTOR excels. Every minute you train with a RAPTOR Weight Vest™, your body is working harder and you are getting a better result from your efforts..

Whether you are training in the gym or at home, the addition of a RAPTOR Weight Vest™ gets you action-ready faster. You can keep on with your current routines, or add in exercises from our FitDeck Exercise cards. However you exercise, Raptor Weight Vest™s are the everyday training partner.

Top Uses for Parkour Training   Key Benefits for Parkour Training
  • Plyometric Drills
  • Bodyweight Training
  • SAQ Drills
  • Sprint Training
  • Core Training
  • Increased Core Strength
  • Increase Muscular Endurance
  • Build Explosive Leg Power!
  • Simulate High Altitude Training ( With the vests compression affect )
  • A Training Partner that will get you the results you want.