Tactical Training

Raptor for Military TrainingDesigned in collaboration with UK/US armed forces the Raptor TFS Military Weight Vests™’ primary function is to distribute weight comfortably and safely around the body.

The vests are made in one piece to allow the user a rapid on and off system. Weight distribution is to simulate the weight and restriction of body armour. All Raptor Weight Vests™s are made to the highest standards using only the best workmanship and quality robust materials here in the UK. Enduring quality is key when it comes to meet military training expectations. We also offer a REPS accredited training program for our vests, additional training equipment and effective storage solutions to store and dry vests.

Choice of models, choice of styles
There are 2 Raptor Weight Vests targetted at Military/Tactical Training: the Raptor TFS 20
Short Body Military Weight Vest
and the Raptor TFS 30 Long Body Military Weight Vest. Both are available in either Black of Camouflage colour ways and can be bought with 850g soft-fill or 1200g cast iron weights. Hi-Visibility tape can also be added as an option to either style of Raptor Weight Vest.

FREE shipping to the UK
Customers in Mainland UK receive FREE Shipping on Raptor Weight Vest purchases. We also ship to the Highlands and Channel Islands as well as most European countries. For shipping costs to your territory, please contact us prior to purchase.

Key Uses   Key Benefits
  1. Ultimate training tool for a progressive loading program to wear body armour.
  2. Takes any exercise program to new levels of progression (bodyweight,suspension training, kettlebells and Powerbag™ workouts to name but a few.
  3. Simulates the restriction of real body armour.
    Use Raptor TFS Weight Vest™s instead of body armour on training exercises (less wear and tear to current issued body armour / kept for service instead of a training tool).
  4. Allows less equipment to be used during PT workouts.
  5. Perfect for bodyweight / SAQ / plyometric / cross fit or cross training workouts.
  6. Strength tested anchor points 200kg for towing tyres / sleds / prowlers / chains and resistance tubing.
    Can be incorporated into rehabilitation programs. Targets the core without having to hold anything and connection points allow key rehab exercises to be performed.
  7. Raptor TFS 30 has quick release shoulder straps which allow the user to wear webbing, hydration packs and bergens / simulate bug outs!
  1. Will drastically enhance the core strength of all personnel using it.
  2. Will allow the skeletal system to adapt gradually to wearing body armour and carrying full fighting order.
  3. Increased all round fitness addressing all the components of fitness when training is detailed specific.
  4. Better prepared and adapted personnel = better stamina and performance when performing their daily tasks.
  5. Better adaptation for breathing due to the positioning and restriction of the vests weight. The snug fit around the core of the body can help to simulate higher altitude restrictions.
  6. Allows PTI’s to adjust the intensity of workouts by adding or subtracting weights quickly, personnel can achieve workouts specific to real life operational demands with very little equipment needed.
  7. Fewer injuries due to better adapted soldiers. This can be achieved by the use of the progressive loading system.
  8. Soft fill vest reduces risk of injury from trips or falls or when crawling and moving over or threw obstacles

What the professionals say

Military RehabilitationBeing able to gradually build up the weight of your body armour and treating it like any other fitness programme will only optimise your training and reduce injury. The other advantages of Raptor weight vests are the ability to use them for body weight exercising, sledge drills, forced marching, speed drills and plyometrics.

It is an exceptional high quality piece of equipment that will only enhance operational training and exercise rehabilitation.

Warrant Officer Operational Fitness Equipment (Herrick 15) and Regional Trade Specialist Advisor, Regional Rehabilitation Unit RAF Honington – John Grindrod BSc (Hons). read full testimonial