James Haskell and Allan Ryan – Raptor for Rugby

What Rugby Professionals say:

James Haskell and Allan Ryan – Raptor for  Rugby

"I found the Raptor Weight Vest™ a great bit of extremely well built gym kit.

It has been a great addition to my lower limb rehab sessions and has added a new dimension to my strength sessions. working under load has helped raise my fitness goals."

Read James' full review on his fitnesss and nutrition blog: jhftness.com

James Haskell, England Rugby

Allan Ryan of Bath Rugby

"We have just introduced RAPTOR Weight Vest™s to our strength and conditioning programme here at the club. Having been involved in Premiership rugby for the last seven years I have seen and tried many different weighted vests and without doubt the RAPTOR Weight Vest™s are the best I have come across.

The quality of the manufacturing and comfort of the fit right across the many different shapes and sizes of a rugby squad is without equal and has allowed me to include the vests in many different aspects of the S&C programme. THE RAPTOR Weight Vest™ works both in the gym and on the training field and with both our forwards and our backs. It's a great product."

Allan Ryan - Head of Performance at BATH Rugby Club