Kevin Lidlow – Raptor for Physiotherapy

What Physiotherapists say:

Kevin Lidlow – Raptor for Physiotherapy

"For functional rehabilitation there is proven value in the use of weighted jackets as they can increase physiological stress into any programme without compromising central key points in the musculoskeletal system. The advantages of increasing the carried load centrally is obvious, however the design and ergonomic features of the RAPTOR Weight Vestâ„¢ makes it particularly relevant in both elite sport and in any structured rehabilitation programme.

Key to spinal rehabilitation is the recruitment of the two central stabilising areas, namely the Scapulothoracic and Pelvic basin. The high position of the vest not only allows for a better fir in terms of wearing the vest but also engages and stimulates the upper stabilising Scapulothoracic junction to support and move with the increased weigh. Die to the high position of the vest the lower pillar stability of the spine, particularly around L4 which, anatomically as wellas physiologically related to the central point of gravity is not only uncompromised as, for example, when carrying weights, but is also stimulated by co-contraction of the Erector Spinae and Abdominal wall muscles, this will result in the lower pelvic and intrinsic pelvic muscles by neuromuscular facilitation as the muscles groups in series being stimulated.

From a practical point the vest is sturdy enough to undertake any aspect of ballistic activity, including plyometric exercises, which makes it ideal for sport specific exercise, has sensible weight unit distribution and is easy to take on and off to allow cross training format whereby exercises using weighted jacket can be combined with exercises which the jacket is not suitable for.

I have used the jacket for graduated rehabilitation programmes in both elite sport and in less sport specific environments and have found it's inclusion invaluable. Patients have furhermore gone on to use them innormal training formas, including running where the high position of the jacket with close fixing makes it a jacket which is comfortable and effective to wear."

Kevin Lidlow
BSc MCSP Dip Ortho Med Chartered Physiotherapist, HPC/CQC Reg'd