Mark Holloway – Help for Heroes/Tough Mudder Ambassador

Help for Heroes Tough MudderMark Holloway is a British Soldier, on his third tour of Afghanistan he was seriously injured by an IED (improvised explosive device) after 13 month in and out of rehab he was deemed fully fit to return to active service but his injuries have left him with permanent damage to his right arm.

tough-mudder Tough Mudder Training Mark Holloway Tough Mudder

During his time in recovery he took up obstacle course racing and used events like Tough Mudder to raise money for Help for Heroes, after doing two regular Tough Mudder events in the UK he decided to push himself further and entered the Worlds Toughest Mudder (WTM) competition, a 24hr endurance obstacle course race, in the USA. After finishing in the Top 100 out of 1200 competitors, Mark became the Help for Heroes/Tough Mudder ambassador and runs all Tough Mudder UK events 3 times in one day, he also went back to the states to compete in WTM once more and finished 29th of 1200.

Since November 2014 Mark has dedicated all of his spare time to training and preparation for WTM 2015, he uses the Raptor Weight vest as an ancillary to his training, “the versatility and possibilities are endless” Mark says:

Raptor for Tough Mudders“I use the vest on runs to increase my work load, I’ve shaved minutes of my best effort runs after training with the vest”

“I also incorporate it in my specific Obstacle Course training, the extra weight makes everything harder, but as soon as I take the vest off at the end of my session I feel like I’m Spiderman, and everything is effortless”

“One of the best functions is the ability to attach a sled to pull on the sports pitch, this type of training is amazing for strength and conditioning”

“Raptor has been the most versatile piece of training equipment I have ever used, what ever the sport: it can be used”

Mark is not just training to compete in this years WTM event, he is training to win it.