Special Forces – Raptor for Military Training

What Military Professionals say:

Special Forces – Raptor for Military Training

One of the biggest challenges facing the modern military at a time of high operational tempo is training for the demands of the modern battlefield. With ever increasing amounts of equipment, ammunition and body armour carried by the soldier of today the loads being placed on the human body are exceptional and extremely demanding.

To enable service men and women to reach optimum fitness and performance for operations, training has to be specific and directed. This has proved over the years to be extremely difficult when it comes to replicating the use of body armour. The current body armour in use with the British military, Mk4 Osprey (£1000) weighing 15kg is currently considered the best body armour in the world yet still restricts mobility and natural movement patterns.

With the current high operational tempo and the demand for Mk4 Osprey there is no ability or flex in the system to use osprey for training. Raptor Weight Vest has developed a body weight vest that comes in MTP and can be worn in the same configuration as Osprey body armour. These vests are considerably cheaper but just as hard wearing and versatile as Mk4 body armour and fully replicate the wearing of osprey body armour.

The Raptor Military weight vest and the R-Hybrid vest can be adjusted in weight intervals of 1.2kg and gradually increased to allow the wearer to build up their strength and tolerance to working in body armour. This allows the wearer to get used to working with restricted movement patterns and strengthen the body to prevent injury due to weakness in the kinematic chain from the lack of specific training.

Training as you fight is an absolute must in modern warfare, you can not load a ruck sack and hope to replicate body armour. The loading and the stresses on the body are completely different, predisposing your troops to injury through lack of specific training. At the same time you cannot load an individual maximally and hope they will with stand these stresses without breaking down.

Being able to gradually build up the weight of your body armour and treating it like any other fitness programme will only optimise your training and reduce injury. The other advantages of Raptor weight vests are the ability to use them for body weight exercising, sledge drills, forced marching, speed drills and plyometrics.

It is an exceptional high quality piece of equipment that will only enhance operational training and exercise rehabilitation.

Warrant Officer Operational Fitness Equipment (Herrick 15) and Regional Trade Specialist Advisor, Regional Rehabilitation Unit RAF Honington – John Grindrod BSc (Hons).