Warning and Disclaimer


Dear customer,
Congratulations on the purchase of your Raptor Weight Vest and joining the pack! We hope that you enjoy using it and achieve new levels of health, fitness and performance!
We are keen to hear about how you are incorporating your Raptor Weight Vest into your training routines! So please feel free to drop us a line through our dedicated website www.raptorweightvest.com

IMPORTANT: We want you to get the most out of your purchase and train safe so please read carefully.

  1. Please make sure you consult your doctor or physician before starting any form of exercise or training routine using a Raptor Weight Vest.
  2. Raptor Weight Vest (RTV) Ltd Disclaims all liability from the miss use or incorrect application of our products.
  3. Make sure you read the Raptor Weight Vest Training guide thoroughly before starting. They will ensure you understand how to use your Weight Vest safely and effectively!
  4. Use common sense when exercising! If you feel faint dizzy or sick stop exercising immediately and seek medical attention.
  5. DO NOT attempt to Swim or Dive in a Raptor Weight Vest!
  6. DO NOT use a Raptor Weight Vest as any form of safety harness!
  7. DO NOT Machine wash your outer Vest as this will affect the Warranties of the vest. Use a clean sponge and mild soapy water to clean your outer vest. Dry using a clean towel and hang the empty vest on a hangar to air dry. The use of an antibacterial spray will help keep your vest fresh and serviceable.
  8. ONLY Cold machine wash the Coolmax Inner liner and allow to air dry!
  9. IMPORTANT if you have purchased a Raptor PRO Weight Vest:
    Be sure to follow the guidelines provided and do not exceed! As this could result in serious injury!
    >The PRO vest is not a toy! So keep out the reach of young children!
    >Any individual under 16 using this vest should be supervised by a qualified Fitness Instructor / Coach / Personal Trainer.
    >Each anchor point should not be stressed more than 60 KG / 130 lbs.
    >Never! stress the vest more than 120 KG / 260lbs at any given time regardless of how many anchor points you use. This includes Sled and Tyre pulls.
    >Always use approved Raptor Carabineers.
    >Always make sure the cable, rope, chain or resistance tube you use is of approved quality and in good condition!
    >Always make sure the carabineer is attached properly and cover the clip with the sleeve provided.
    >Always make sure any attachment cable is not twisted or tangled again this could result in injury.
    >The assistance of a training partner maybe needed on certain exercises.
    >Please use common sense when applying the PRO vest to any training discipline.
    >Check your vests anchor points regularly for any signs of wear and tear!

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For any more information, sales or assistance regarding Raptor Weight Vests please contact us at
info@raptorweightvest.com Call 01256 972064
Mon – Fri 10.am till 16.00 UK time.


Before beginning any exercise program using Raptor Weight Vests consult your doctor. Rod Mann and Raptor Weight Vests (RTV) disclaim any liability, personal or professional, resulting from the misapplication of any of the training procedures described within the Raptor Weight Vests website, Raptor Weight Vests User Guide or Raptor Weight Vests printed PDF training files.

It is important that you clarify that you don’t have any existing condition that could be adversely affected by using the Raptor Weight Vest.

Any individual using this product should be in reasonable shape without disability or injury. It may be that you have to start training without any weight at all in order to condition your body enough to be able to perform the exercises listed. Soon you will be ready to advance further and start adding weights to your vest. Start by adding as little as two bars to the vest, by doing so you are progressing at a safe and effective rate. By adding weight gradually you will get stronger and your body will gradually adapt to the demands being placed upon it. Eventually you should be aiming to train with around 10-20% of your own body weight.

Be sure to perform a warm up, cool down and stretch each training session. Perform all the exercises with the correct technique. If exercise is totally new to you or you still aren’t quite sure about how to perform any of the exercises consider working with a certified personal trainer who will be able to prescribe the best way to incorporate the Raptor Weight Vest into training program or specific training routine. Remember it is very important that you progress gradually with the exercises and increase the amount of weight slowly. Train safe and smart and you will receive all the benefits that the Raptor Weight Vest has to offer. You should be 16 or over to use this product. Any individual below this age should be supervised by a qualified sports coach or personal trainer.

Do not run or perform any plyometric exercises for prolonged periods of time on solid concrete or similar hard surface whilst wearing the Raptor Weight Vest.

Do not attempt to swim or perform any form of exercise in water while wearing a Raptor Weight Vest.