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Workout 3: 5 Minute PT Challenge

This workout is a way to push your limits on calisthenics exercises (with added weight) and will make your standard TWO MINUTE PT time limit seem like a piece of cake.

This workout is simply designed to be several sets of FIVE MINUTES: Five minutes of calisthenics sets (rest is included in 5 minutes) but try not to rest too much. Five minutes of cardio interval options as well as pool swim / drills for 5 minute sets.

Try this all with a weight vest of 20-25 lbs.
Warmup with pyramid pushups / run sets:  
1 pushups / 25m run,
2 pushups/25m run up to 10 (or 5 minutes whichever comes first).
  – Make runs dynamic stretch options too.

5 min PT sets:  
Do as many reps as you can in 5 minutes – rest counts as part of 5 min total time.

5 min cardio of choice – easy pace / light stretch
5 min pullups – max out – rest as needed off the bar.
5 min pushups – but rest with plank position when not doing pushups.
5 min situps – rest as needed in up or down position. (place vest on your chest)
5 min dips – max out – rest as needed off the bars or bench dips.
5 min burpees – just keep moving.
5 min plank pose – no rest. Try to suck this up.
5 min KB swing or press – just keep the KB moving for 5 min
5 min tabata interval – run, bike, elliptical, or row of 20 second sprint / 10 second easy for 5 minutes.

Run or ruck (with or without a vest)
5 min fast pace
5 min moderate pace

(Repeat as many times as you can / have time for)