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Workout 1: Raptor Weight Vest & Sled

Tyre pull workout

Here is a workout I like to do with the Raptor vest and a sled. I also use old truck tires with sandbags in them as a sled on rubberized tracks or turf fields as they tend to “grab” harder to the rubber on those surfaces.

Tyre pull workout

  1. Run 1 mile warmup without the vest / light stretch / dynamic warmup
  2. Repeat 1 mile again with the vest (fast walk or shuffle run) Work for a mile in the 10 minute zone.
  3. Repeat 10 times
  4. Run fast with tires or sled 50m
  5. Odd Sets – 20 Squats
  6. Even Sets – 20 Pushups

Walk back to the starting line using different methods each time
(bear crawl, backwards step, forward lunges, low crawl – get creative with each way back to the starting line.)

Part of tactical fitness, is also staying engaged mentally. So thinking about what set you are on (odd/even), getting creative with methods of travel each set, even doing a skill in between sets like tying a knot in a piece of rope, or doing a math problem are all ways to keep the brain engaged in the mission. It is easy to go into “zombie mode” and focus on running or pushing through exhausting workouts, it takes an increased focus and attention to detail to maintain proper thought processes while getting tired and winded.

After you are done with the ten sets above, cool down with another mile at an easy pace with or without the Raptor weightvest.

Enjoy – There will be more to follow.

Tyre pull workout