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Workout 2: Weight Vest Wednesday

Fresh from a test yesterday, here is a Calisthenics With Weight Vest Workout that eventually drops the vest and gets into lifting heavy to top off a challenging upper body fitness day:

Warmup with 5 min cardio of choice / light dynamic stretch

Lightweight Shoulders – use 5# Dbs – no need to go heavy on this PREHAB workout.

Weight Vest Wednesday: Reverse Pyramid
20,19,18,17,16 – Pushups and plank pose / second with 25m run in between

In detail:
Do 20 pushups and stay in the plank pose for 20 seconds – then get up and run 25 meters.
Non-stop into the next set: do 19 pushups / 19 second plank run 25m. Continue this process down to 16.

If you prefer you can tow a sled to make this more challenging.

Change Exercises but continue down the pyramid:

15,14,13,12,11: Dips, abs of choice, pushups – no run in between

In detail: Do 15 dips followed by 15 abs of choice (flutterkicks, leg levers, hanging knee ups, etc) then back to pushups for 15 reps. Continue down the pyramid to 11 – doing these three exercises for each of the steps of the pyramid.
Change Exercises:

10,9,8,7,6:  Pullups, TRX pushups, TRX rollouts (OR pushups / plank pose 1 min each set)

In detail: Do 10 pullups, followed by 15 TRX pushups and TRX rollouts (or if no TRX or rings do regular pushups and plank pose again.

Drop weight vest:
5,4,3,2,1:  Bench press, heavy rows, pulldowns (Heavy)

In detail: In the weight room, start off with 5 reps of bench press, heavy DB or barbell rows, and heavy pulldowns (or weighted pullups).
Increase the weight and decrease the reps with a 5,4,3,2,1 drop set. Rest as needed.
Cardio Section: 3 mile run or Add weight vest or ruck for a 2 miles

Swim 500m warmup
Repeat 5 times
100m sprint any stroke – rest as needed

Repeat 5 times
100m at goal timed swim pace – rest with 1 minute tread